Why should you choose Vidanimate? 


Apart from our team being a bunch of good looking and highly charismatic people, they are actually really good at what we do!


If thats not enough for you, we have also detailed 10 reasons below as to why you should choose Vidanimate.

Money Back Guarantee


With this guarantee there should be no reason for you to hesitate when choosing Vidanimate. 


We are so confidant of our service that we will give you 100% off your money back if for any reason you are not happy with the final creation. 

Value For



With so many options out there in the market, some more expensive and maybe some cheaper, we are confident that for the price you will not find a company that offers as much quality as we do for the prices we can achieve. 

Top Quality Animations


We can forgive you for thinking that at such low prices we must be delivering low quality animations, But its ok anyone can make mistakes! 


The only animations you will receive from us are of the highest quality and if your not happy we will give your money back!

Fast Project



In todays age of super speed we know that you want your video at the time you have thought of it. Thats why we have set everything in place to make sure we can deliver your work as quickly as humanly possible!

Express Service Available


If our super speeds are just not quick enough for you, we have an option for an express service which gives you the ability to push your project to the top of the cue! 


Just ask us about the Express Service. 

Constant Updates Every Step


With a dedicated project manager, you will have just one main point of contact.


This way you can be sure that we will keep you updated every step of your project. 

Proven Script Formula


Right now you have under 6 seconds to capture your viewers attention before they move on to your competitor!


We make sure that our writers are trained to the highest degree and produce only clear and engaging scripts that will keep your audience watching your video to the very end.

Choose Any



Its no secret that videos with professional voice overs convert at a higher rate than videos with none! 


We have a huge selection of voice over actors for you to choose from for your video. 

Dedicated Project Manager


To make the process as smooth as possible you will have a dedicated project manager that you can contact by email or phone at any stage of the process. 


They will also keep you updated in every step of the process.

1 Year



With our 1 year warranty we can make small changes to your video for a small fee, which means even when your business makes changes you can keep everything updated without having to pay for a new video.